a Series of autopsies conducted by pathologists from the University LSU Health in New Orleans, have demonstrated that COVID-19 probably does not cause the typical damage to the heart muscle (myocarditis), as previously thought, but affects the “engine of the human body” is different. About the researchers discovered unexpected changes in the bodies of the dead from coronavirus infection new type told EurekAlert Professor Richard Vander Heide.

According to him, scientists have presented several theories that require further study. According to the Professor, it will help you better understand the disease and potentially to assign an effective treatment.

a Group of pathologists found that COVID-19 leads to the death of individual cells in heart muscle. While SARS-CoV-2, in contrast to SARS, missing in heart muscle cells. In the course of the work, the experts found a viral infection in the cells of small blood vessels.

an Autopsy was conducted by 10 men and 12 women aged from 44 to 79 years, who died of coronavirus infection of the new type. Most of them had high blood pressure, 50% diabetes mellitus type II, 41% were obese.