The inventor spirit is unbroken, and in Switzerland, the ideas start to Fizz. New Figures from the European patent office (EPO) show that as innovative as the Confederation, and no other country is. Per capita, Switzerland is unchallenged on the first place, this is more than twice as many patents as the Netherlands (956 to 414 per million inhabitants). In the stands behind it: Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland. The EU average of 139 applications per Million inhabitants.

in Total, the EPO in Munich recorded last year, 7927 patent applications from Switzerland. The growth amounted to 7.8 percent – a new all-time high. This is one of the on Tuesday published the annual report of the EPO. While Switzerland in 2017, was below the growth rate of the EU countries, the increase in 2018, more than twice as high as the EU average of 3.8 percent.

applause from the President of the EPO Switzerland

The five largest Patent-filing countries, the USA are followed by Germany, Japan, France and China. Switzerland is ranked six of the largest filing countries.

From the EPO President’s applause: “Switzerland has shown a very strong patent growth,” said António Campinos (51). For patent applications per inhabitants, you’ll get it very clearly from other European countries. “This is the outstanding innovation potential of Switzerland’s highlights.” According to Campinos studies clearly demonstrate the Benefits of “IPR-intensive industries” to the economy in terms of employment, economic growth and Export.

‘Swissness’ is a cult – on all continents of the world

the most well-known products “made in Switzerland”, who conquered the world and cult status enjoy, include: the Victorinox “Swiss Army Knife”, whose world-career, in 1891, began as a bag knife, and the Sigg bottle, the celebs in the household is, even in Hollywood (see photo gallery).

The most patent applications from Switzerland, came from pharmaceutical giant Roche, followed by the technology company ABB, the food multi-Nestlé and the pharmaceutical giant Novartis. Among the Top 25 patent applicants also to three universities: ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne and University of Zurich.

In the Canton of Vaud, the most avid inventor

live patents have been filed mainly in the areas of measurement technology, medical technology, packaging and transportation systems, and electrical machines and devices. Cantonal ahead of the Vaud, Zurich and Basel-city. The three cantons United, therefore about 40 percent of the patent from Switzerland, reporting in the case of the EPA, say it in a message from Tuesday. On place four of the Canton of Aargau.

the question Remains: Which company filed worldwide last year, most patents in Munich? Here, the German industrial giant Siemens won the gold medal. Silver goes to the Chinese Tech company Huawei, the Bronze receives the South Korean company Samsung – a Tech group.

On the Central grant procedure at the EPO inventor can obtain only a single patent application for patent protection in up to 44 countries.