the Threat of coronavirus hung over many thousands of cruise ships. Taiwan is not allowed in your port ship World Dream, where in the previous flight were three infected passengers, and now with fever and cough or thirty crew members. In the end 1,800 check at the port of registry — Hong Kong. Another ship — Diamond Princess — drifting off the coast of Japan without the ability to dock at Yokahama. Ten passengers were identified coronavirus and transported to the hospital. All onboard 3,700 people, including 24 of our compatriots.

the Cruise liner Diamond Princess in Yokohama is a Bay about a kilometre, a maximum of two from the shore. To approach the dock he strictly prohibited, and, apparently, this quarantine will last another two weeks. Today confirmed the main concerns on Board there really is infected with the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The first official data of the Japanese authorities on Wednesday morning to ten infected, but how many of them actually is difficult to say. Of 3700 passengers and team members tested for the virus were only about three hundred people.

onboard — the citizens of the 56 countries and territories. Another morning it was reported that the Russians only two, but by evening it became clear that there are many more. The new data have given us in the Russian Embassy in Tokyo on Board are 24 citizens of Russia.

morning on the liner strict mode restrictions. Passengers are forbidden to leave the cabins. They are literally trapped within the four walls. Food spread each separately. People hang on the doors note with request to bring them lunch or water. One of the passengers said that the knock on the door when you bring a tray of food. Same way you do when taking it. No physical contact except the touch of the tray.

team Communication with passengers now only on speakerphone. In connection with the aggravationm situation, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held an emergency meeting of the government of the headquarters for measures against the spread of the virus.

“I’m ordered to put passengers and crew into quarantine. I can’t allow them to go ashore, because the incubation period of the virus is fourteen days,” — said the Prime Minister of Japan.

the Status of all patients is not heavy. In the morning, from aboard the ship they took the boat of the Japanese border control Maritime security.

Infected with a coronavirus isolated in the municipal hospitals of the Prefecture of Kanagawa. The government of Japan has not officially disclosed the names of the clinics, but it is here, in the gate of the municipal civil hospital Yokohama were vyezjali today the ambulance that morning on the dock was taking passengers from the liner Diamond Princess. This is one of two hospitals in the Prefecture, where it was prepared in advance of the special equipment required for patients with a deadly infection.

the time required to check all persons on Board, hard to say. The decision to quarantine was made after the 80-year-old Chinese passenger, 20 Jan travelled on this ship from Yokohama, and 25 come in Hong Kong, a week identified a strain of the new virus. It is reported that during the cruise he, in particular, used the swimming pool. In this case the test was only 273. The results obtained so far-to 31, of which ten were positive. If this trend continues, this one is the only cruise liner will be able to add the official number of cases in Japan on dozens, if not hundreds of people.