A drama about young Black men trapped on a street corner has positioned itself as the first Broadway show audiences could observe live when the Great White Way restarts.

Riffing on”Waiting for Godot,” the drama is apparently perfect for a post-COVID-19 Broadway: Only 3 celebrities and also an intermission-less 85-minute running time. Producers said they’ll follow CDC and New York State protocols decided later this summer.

The play was first staged in 2017 in Chicago and has been filmed by Spike Lee. It was recently created at Lincoln Center’s off-Broadway theater in 2018 which cast will make the leap to Broadway: Jon Michael Hill, Namir Smallwood and Gabriel Ebert. Danya Taymor will guide.

Before”Pass Over,” the reopening of the musical”Hadestown” was likely to be the first series to welcome crowds on Broadway since the pandemic, setting a return date of Sept. 2. The first Broadway show to welcome a live crowd is very likely to acquire a lot of attention.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had stated Broadway theaters could reopen Sept. 14 but manufacturers”may create their own financial decision as to if they reopen.” Additionally they will be permitted to determine their own entry conditions, like whether people must prove they have been vaccinated to attend a series.

All city theaters suddenly closed on March 12, 2020, knocking out all shows, including 16 which were scheduled to open.