The 47-year-old socialist was already around 9.30 am in glorious sunshine in a polling station in Pozuelo de Alarcon, outside Madrid at the ballot box. At the last election, in June 2016, only about 66 percent of the electorate had taken part in legitimate. Sánchez was the first since June 2018 at the office.

Nearly 37 million Spaniards are being called to cast their vote. In the case of surveys, the social democratically-oriented “Socialist workers party” (PSOE) was to the last of the Sanchez front. However, it is questionable whether they will reach their potential coalition partners to a majority.

Should join the government, can form the conservative forces with the people’s party and its candidate, Pablo Casado at the top of a majority coalition would be outside with the Newcomer’s party, the Vox, probably for the first time in decades, a Legal party in Madrid. In Andalusia, it was already closed in February, such a government Pact.

However, it could come in the fourth-largest economy in the Eurozone once again to a political Blockade, as already in 2016 to happen. At the time, Spain remained, in spite of two elections within six months for almost a year without a regular government.

The polling stations close at 20.00, in the Canary Islands at 21: 00 CEST. After that first forecasts on the Basis of post-election surveys are to be expected.