for A time beståande of every party in Parliament except the progress party and the Red endorses the requirement.

The seven parties asking the government about snarast to put forward suggestions for change in the energilova that guarantee that Statnett is a monopoly to own and operate all future utanlandskablar.

– the Sum of this suggests that NorthConnect is impossible, ” says Aps energy policy spokesperson, Espen Barth Eide, to NTB.

Nettavisa Montel wrote in the previous week that the ministry of Petroleum and energy has already started work with lovendringa.

Between the Hardanger and Scotland

The 665 km long NorthConnect is a 1.400 megawatt likestraumskabel that is planned between Simadalen inst in the Hardangerfjord and Peterhead in Scotland.

It brought the electricity from the Norwegian vasskraft west and send electricity from scottish wind back. It is kraftprodusentane E-CO Energi, Vattenfall, Agder Energi and Lyse Produksjon as is behind prosjektselskapet NorthConnect.

For only one week after notifying the government that they put a successful project on hold.

ministry of Petroleum and energy has come to ensure that it does not is cause sufficient basis to be able to decide konsesjonssøknadane from NorthConnect, so energilova require, ” said petroleum and energy minister Tina Bru.

FROM HARDANGER TO SCOTLAND: NorthConnect has had plans to build an undersea cable from Sima in Hardanger, the fjord and then over to Scotland.

Photo: NORTHCONNECT Disputed project

It is not, however, the interest rate for an absolute no to konsesjonssøknaden from NorthConnect, so several of the opposition had wished to get.

When the Parliament now goes into that future power cables must be at home own, says the Labour party itself usually.

Bjørnar Moxnes (Red) miles, however, a clear no to the cable from Hardanger to Scotland.

Regardless of whether it is Statnett or the other that owns the cable, is it a threat to Norwegian industry, ” says Moxnes to NTB.

Also, the SV, the centre party and the Progress party goes in order to say clearly no to the NorthConnect.

– There is no point in wrapping bodskapet in lots of cotton to some of the other suggestions will do, says Audun Lysbakken (SV) to the NTB.

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