Experts Mospeada noticed rosefinches. These little birds are about the size of a Sparrow at the end of may returned from wintering from the South-East Asia. Now they live in natural areas of the capital.

Females have rosefinches painted a modest gray-brown shades with dark speckles. Males, on the contrary, very elegant: their head, chest, rump red-crimson color, the back and the belly is light pink, and the wings and tail are a soft brown color with a reddish tinge, so sometimes this bird is called the red Sparrow. But this color appear only in the second year of life. The first year the young males resemble the females — they have plain brown colored body with a lighter bottom.

Should pay attention to the powerful beak of lentils — its form suggests that the bird feeds on seeds, buds and fruits of plants. Chicks also feed on seeds and insects.

Birds form pairs, building nests in bushes at a height of human growth. A male defending a nest, often arguing with his birds or other species. Typical habitats of this bird — grassland with bushes, forest edges, margins of swamps with shrubs and trees.