Parks began to earn Azariah

“we Have a very strong life changes. I have a feeling that many people will now not work from the workplace. It’s happened before and will happen faster. Can the Park be a place to accommodate for any office, probation office public spaces?” – asked the participants of the webinar moderator, the Deputy Director of FAU “the Project Directorate of the Ministry of construction of Russia,” Dzhemal Surmanidze.

This is already happening, said the Director of the Central amusement Park to them. M. Gorkogo in Perm Rashid Gabdullin: “Today the situation we are very much pushed to the fact that you can work remotely. To work in the Park in a comfortable environment – fresh air, good Internet – quite possible.”

According to the writer, it may be one of the factors for the growing popularity of the Park, and does not require special costs. “If we create some kind of gazebo where people can connect to the outlet your computer, if the Park has wi-fi already job is created. We put a pillow and a blanket,” – said the Director of the Park.

Also among the latest trends is the increase in the number of parks with beautiful flower beds. “Landscape solution in the form of a rosary can be sold as a kind of exhibition. There are such examples in Russia when the guys who were selling flowers, made beautiful parks and money on the fact that people came, looked, rested in this unique environment,” Gabdullin said.

the Establishment of rose gardens and lilac gardens do not require any special, extravagant solutions, says the Chairman of Council of NGO “Association of amusement parks”, Director of the Moscow Park “Sokolniki” Andrei Lapshin. But it can be a Park, the money – people are willing to pay for the entrance to the beautiful grounds. In addition, these flower beds need to plan correctly emphasizes the surface. “What is the rosary? It’s not just roses. This wedding events and all kinds of corporate events. So this rosary need to design properly, so there was a small gazebo, which will allow people to not only admire the flowers, but to be able to come there and conduct a mini-buffet, mini-event. Convinced that such zones will enjoy a huge demand!”

the City’s parks, according to Lapshin, also an ideal venue for a fashionable now among youth markets. It will bring parks and commercial benefit. Restaurants that serve youth, will pay the Park rent, which he let the content of the site.

in the meantime, according to the writer, half of the income parks usually give rides.