A few days ago, a pensioner triggered a police operation because he pressed the emergency button in the parking garage. He couldn’t find his car.

A few days ago, an 81-year-old pensioner was unable to find his supposedly parked vehicle in a parking garage in Coburg. As “ Nordbayern ” reported, among others, he pressed the emergency button.

The police then came to him in the parking garage. According to Merkur, this even helped him with his search – but without success. An officer then came up with the idea that the car was parked somewhere else.

According to the police, that’s exactly what happened. The 81-year-old’s car was parked in a parking garage on the other side of town. Now he has to pay for the repair of the emergency button in the parking garage. This includes replacing a pane of glass that the man broke when using the facility.

As reported by, among others, “fahrerfahrere.de”, the local emergency services are contacted immediately if there are emergency call buttons or emergency call boxes, so you don’t have to dial the emergency number manually. In addition, the exact location will also be sent if you decide to contact us.

But you should only use this in a real emergency. These include serious health problems, accidents on the highway or breakdowns.

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