It is an Afro-Caribbean restaurant where you can eat specialties such as braised chicken. ” It’s so good ! The place is frequented by stars like Lenny Kravitz or Stevie Wonder and night owls. The welcome is amazing, we went there after the shows with the whole team, because the restaurant is open all night! It’s good to go in a group, because there is a lot of atmosphere. »

” I adore ! One of the hard things to find in Paris is a brunch that resembles what you eat in North America, because in France you eat bread, croissants and pastries. So if you want to eat eggs, pancakes, an American brunch, this is the right address! The owners are great and have become friends as I used to go there often. »

Fusion-Brazilian-Japanese restaurant, where you can eat ceviche, Brazilian croquettes and shrimps. “I’ve never experienced that in my life, but it’s so interesting as a concept and as a mix. The atmosphere is very trendy. I like the design of the restaurant, on two floors with a high ceiling, and the blending of cultures. On Friday or Saturday evening, I went there alone with my girlfriend or with friends. »

It’s a chic gym, in a renovated building. “There is a spa, a hammam and a restaurant, it is very upscale. I spoiled myself. I had found a coach and was going four to five times a week! Parisians are all thin, they walk so much and it must be said that the portions in restaurants are so small… that they don’t eat anything! I like the adult portions of a North American, so I train like a North American! »

“I started my first series of shows at Point Virgule, this mythical little 100-seat venue, where many French comedians who have become stars started and still perform their shows. It was in this room that I was able to test my show and readjust it. It is located in the heart of the Marais, a very pleasant district. »

This is a small cocktail bar in The Hoxton hotel. “The older I get, the more I appreciate the calm when I go out, no loud music, I like quiet atmospheres. Le Jacques is a relaxed bar, where I had a good time with my girlfriend. »

Sugar Sammy has often been to this cozy and intimate bar. “This bar is very quiet, it’s an almost secret place, located in the very beautiful Bachaumont hotel, very pleasant. »

This very friendly Parisian bistro is the place where Sugar Sammy was able to observe Parisians in his early days. “I would go there for coffee and watch everything that was going on! I even became friends with the servers. I asked them questions. They helped me when I needed references or good addresses. At first they are cold, but you have to tame them and, when you become friends with a Parisian, it’s like family! »

“There are several Kapunka in Paris, it’s a Thai restaurant which is a safe bet, it’s delicious, pad Thai, curry… I really appreciate Thai cuisine, full of flavors. »

Another Thai address, this time a family restaurant established since 1988. “You can’t go wrong eating at this address, the Thai cuisine is delicious, simple and tasty. »