Paris Jackson

22-year-old Paris Jackson first told about his sexual orientation in the documentary series Unfiltered. The girl remembered her father Michael Jackson that influenced its formation, shared the dream to be realized in music, as he is, and describe your relationship with current boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, with whom she has a creative Union.

Gabriel Paris found in the last two years. According to her, to the novel with him, she did not dare to call himself a musician, and now they are together, part of the folk group The Soundflowers, recorded her debut song.
She said: “When I get boring you just tell me about it, and I will take no offense.” I told her I didn’t want her to go away. Wanted to be with her every day and every night told Glenn about Paris.

Paris Jackson and Gabrielle Glenn

in Spite of the understanding with current boyfriend, Paris Jackson admitted in the series that didn’t expect that her life will have such a relationship with a man.
Never thought I’d be with a guy. Thought I’d marry the girl. I was met with women than with men. You can call yourself gay, because it is, I guess. Don’t consider myself bisexual, as was found not only with men and women. All this has nothing to do with the fact that the man in pants, his Important person. said Paris.

Speaking about his sexuality, Paris remembered father. According to her, he first noticed her interest in women and pushed her. br>My father quickly realized what was happening. I think he felt some kind of energy. He teased me as he teased my brothers. If I too closely examined women in glossy magazines, he said, “Oh, you have a girlfriend”. I was 8 or 9 years old, she said.

After her father’s death Paris has moved in with her grandmother Katherine Jackson, who, like other relatives did not welcome a homosexual relationship. Paris said that he had found support in the person of the brother of the Prince, entered into Alliance of gays and heterosexuals.

Paris Jackson’s brother Prince