Damage caused by coronavirus, the French economy is huge. And Paris, moreover, cut off from the millions of tourist flows, which are billions, of course, also suffered unprecedented financial losses. This prompted the mayor of the second district of Paris, incidentally, is not the most prestigious in the capital, to make an unexpected call for a referendum among the residents of the city. Whether in such circumstances, when the unemployment rolls, industry rots, and thoughts of the people are very busy with sporting challenges, the Olympic games?

in fact, in case of doubt, a referendum is conducted before enrollment. And then after several unsuccessful attempts, Paris was won, and even snatched the right from Los Angeles to host the Olympics in 2024-m, leaving Americans year 2028 th. And almost all the Olympic facilities built.

the organizing Committee of the Olympic games in 2024 quickly found the answer. Proposed a series of drastic measures which will reduce costs. Few people know: the cost of transport for members of the Olympic family can be devastating. And athletes and to approximate it can, according to the organizers, to get to places of competitions and training for city buses and the metro. Now the question of the referendum hangs in the air. If Parisians say the five Olympic rings, “no”, the situation could be repeated with the winter Olympics 1976. Then, because of the unexpected refusal of the us to Denver to save the day came from the good old Austrian Innsbruck, taking the Games in 1964. In the shortest possible time ready for the Olympics in 76 and again brilliantly organized it.

it is Necessary to notice that Italy is firmly confirmed its willingness to host the winter Olympics-2026 in Milan and Cortina d’ampezzo. So, both houses of Parliament voted for this decision almost unanimously. And this despite the fact that the Northern part of the country, particularly Milan, has suffered greatly from the epidemic.

And moreover it is quite an unexpected message came from Queensland. The richest Australian region is noisy, has launched a campaign at the invitation of the summer Olympic games of the 2032. But recently announced he’s taking time to think: to apply – do not apply. The reason is the same. The Australian government should carefully examine the damage caused COVID-19 the economy of the country.