Parents will return the money for the vouchers to children's camps

And the money will return, and children will entertain

In the Khabarovsk region because of the quarantine measures relating to preventing the spread of coronavirus, the decision to cancel the spring change in children’s health and school camps.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG During the isolation of the hospital can be issued remotely

to Meet students on a week-long vacation had three country health center and 218 of the school camps with day stay. Hundreds of parents had already planned the rest of the guys already bought tickets.

now, However, when it became known that all public events are canceled, there was a question about the refund for the cancelled stay.

the Ministry of education and science of the region noted that in order to refund the entire amount, you must contact your camp leadership. “Such cases happen every year, just on a smaller scale. It is often the family changed plans, children can become sick or will not want to leave home. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve this issue with the leadership of the institution in accordance with the contract”, – told in the press service of the Ministry.

If you would like to send my son or daughter in a school camp, information can be obtained from the Department of education of the municipality. And the questions of parents on the employment of children during the period of quarantine will be answered by the workers of the Khabarovsk center for psychological-pedagogical, medical and social assistance. Experts give advice not only on the “hot line”, but also in the air at Instagram.

It’s about selling tickets for a summer vacation is not until may 1 is the enrollment at the opening of the camps in the registry of children’s health organizations. And will the children be organized to relax from June 1, or the change will be delayed, is still unknown.

Summer is open to question

As hehall Deputy Governor of the Kostroma region Olga Eremina, while certainty at the children’s summer holidays there. Trips to the camp sold since January.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti In the state Duma proposed quarantine and payments for all elderly Russians

A March 24 closed all of the all-Russian children’s health centers, operating year-round. In Kostroma region the camp have to work from 1 June. The decision to open or cancel the start of the summer health campaign in the region has not yet been made. Will be discussed separately.

For those parents who bought tickets, but want to give them up, there will be a reception in the Department of social protection. Problems with the return trips will not.

the Practice worked. So, the money for the canceled shows after the closing of the drama theatre, spectators are given through the Department of culture. Parents are asked to wait a little: the situation with the vouchers will become clear in the near future. You may cancel the first and second shifts, and third and fourth will remain. It all depends on the epidemic situation.

schools have opened on-duty groups

In the Penza region spring break came on March 17 after the first infected in the region. Then it became known that there will be school camps, which were usually working at this time.

Photo: iStock pay will be paid without additional information

the Money for meals of children to parents was returned to fully – transferred to the card.

For those who have no one to leave child of primary school age at home, 23 March in each school work duty team. They are generated on request for each day and the children stay in them is strictly limited. Guys bring food from home and do not leave the classroom. Children work with teachers.

paid For everything budget.

by the decree of the Governor of the Smolensk region all mass events involving children have now been cancelled. Including and spring camps for children.

“But parents with nothing to lose, as these camps are conducted exclusively at the expense of the budget”, – said the head of the Department of social development of the Smolensk region Tatyana konashenkova.

More than fifty? Do not open!

In the middle Ural authorities have decided not to risk it. “If we are talking about the camps more than 50 people, they will not open,” – said the Deputy Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Paul Krekov.

People who have already paid for the trip, will return the money.

“Sirius” get in touch

In the Krasnodar region all-Russian children’s centres “Eaglet” in Tuapse region and “Change”, located near Anapa to Sukko, officially canceled the spring educational change.

Izhevskaya UK recommended disinfection in domhof proposes to introduce measures to support NPOs because of the coronavirus

In the regional Ministry of education explained that the students will be able to relax in the other months – the leadership camps are now tackling the question of transfer programs for the summer.

For students who are on distance learning, during holidays suggested a broad range of online programs for professional orientation and technical creativity. Their resources for free, opened training centers, libraries, museums, educational center “Sirius”.