In Rostock, attentive passers-by rescued a missing autistic boy from a pond. He had previously escaped from his parents and was in danger.

On Saturday evening (May 11th) in Rostock, a four-year-old autistic boy ran away from his parents and found himself in a life-threatening situation. As “t-online” reports, he was rescued from a pond by attentive passers-by.

The boy’s parents lost sight of him during a game on a playground in the Lütten Klein district. They reported their son missing around 8 p.m. Friends of the family initially tried to find the boy on their own before alerting the police, who immediately launched a search operation.

The police said that the decisive information finally reached the operations control center around 8:15 p.m.: passers-by had rescued the missing boy from a nearby pond. Passersby told police they noticed the boy sitting alone on a bench before he suddenly ran into the water. They bravely jumped into the water, pulled him out and took him into their care until the police arrived.

After a brief examination at the hospital, it was determined that the boy was uninjured and he was returned to his parents. There was no evidence of any crime.

As “Bild” reports, it was not the first time that the boy disappeared. So his parents had attached a GPS receiver to his body. However, the boy had ripped off the device and thrown it into a bush.

This incident is reminiscent of a similar case in which six-year-old Arian from Bremervörde went missing. Despite a major police search, he was not found.

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