to Provide parents the right to additional paid holiday on the first of September. Such a proposal to the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova sent the head of the Institute for progressive education Anna Marx. In her letter she refers to the recommendations of psychologists and data from a survey of parents of first-graders.

In early August, the University conducted a survey in 75 regions of the country among 1,6 thousand parents whose children are in September going to school. Personally escort the child to the first class intend 56% of respondents. The majority (83%) said that they will have to take some time off or unpaid leave, says RIA Novosti.

the Presence of parents on the line the first of September is very important for confidence and inner peace children, say psychologists. In early July the authorities of Kostroma announced a new measure to support families with children: from now on, parents of all first graders in the area will pay a lump sum for preparation for school. In anticipation of the new academic year experts estimate the amounts that this year will have to pay to parents of schoolchildren.