her Mother disappeared with the two youngest sons of 9 and 14 years right after that the police in the Inland took out charges against the parents in the middle of march. Is it ” gross deprivation of liberty.

the Man’s defense, Jostein Løken, ” says the father denies that the boys are sent out of the country against their own will.

Disappeared after interrogation

Foreldreparet have four sons who are Norwegian citizens. The one son, who is now 17 years old, disappeared from hjemkommunen in the South Line already in 2016. The oldest, a 19-year-old disappeared last fall.

Politiadvokat Henning Klauseie tells us that it was friends of the two who are in the Uk alerted police that they believed they were sent to koranskole in Somalia against their will. The police have investigated the matter and been in contact with the Norwegian embassy in Kenya. The police have tried to conduct the interrogation of the boys.

We have not yet been conducted any full-fledged interrogation of them, which we know is given of free will, says Klauseie.

He says they do not know who is with them when the interrogations are made.

Police do not know for sure whether his mother took the two youngest sons of Kenya or in Somalia. Somalis in Norway are the innvandrergruppa that most often send their children to schools abroad.

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Police suspect that the four boys are sent on koranskole in Somalia or Kenya. The reason is both the witness statements and the information they have received from the Norwegian embassy in Kenya, which has seen several similar cases. NRK has earlier revealed that adolescents are at risk of being abused in koranskoler in Somalia and Kenya.

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To the best for the kids

Attorney Jostein Løken says that the father tells that it is not true that the boys are on the koranskole. He claims that the boys go in the normal school.

HAVE NOT FORCED THEM: a Defender for his father, Jostein Løken, ” says the father denies that he should have forced the boys to travel to Africa.

Photo: Arvid Torsgard, NRK

He explains that he thought it was best for the children to have a stay in Africa in a period of time now. He explains that he has not forced anyone. What he has done is to safeguard the children in the best possible way, ” says Løken.

Politiadvokat Henning Klauseie believes it is more likely that the boys are on the koranskole than the opposite and that they are held against their will.

We believe we both have depositions and technical evidence that shows it, ” he says.

Varetektsfengslingen of the father goes out in the week of easter, but the police are going to ask about also built custody if nothing happens especially in the case in the course of this week.

the Police want to get the boys to Norway so that they have questioned them in what they believe is safer frames.

But then they are depending on that the mother goes with it. Norway does not have any utleveringsavtale with Somalia. In addition, the korona epidemic it is difficult to travel all over the world.