Ricarda Engelmeier was the first guest at CultureCocktail on the subject of compatibility – a discussion group that is not so much about drinking cocktails as about exploring diversity, well-being and a new definition of success in our corporate culture together.

Our opening topic was parental skills – the skills that we acquire automatically as parents and which then make us better managers and team players on the job. We also talked about the importance of talking about parental leave – and proactively bringing the issue up on the table.

Parents: Talk about your parental leave from the start and integrate it into your career plan. Stay in touch with your team and your supervisor during your maternity leave: put a reminder on your cell phone and check from time to time how everyone is doing and what’s going on.

Executives: Stay in touch with your maternity leavers! Every once in a while, ask how they’re doing. Let them know when something important is happening at work – they certainly won’t be bothered by it.

Everyone: Make parental leave an integral part of your corporate culture. It is important for a good work-life balance – and builds empathy, adaptability and efficiency in the team. Parenthood is a superpower!

All: No matter what you decide – your actions will eventually become a role model for others. So make a conscious decision – and find your own role models in the people who have gone through the same situation before you.

Her conclusion: This topic is very important to me; This conversation was all the more beautiful for me. I also really liked the exchange in this setting – we were all able to learn from and grow from the experiences and opinions of others.