Although artillery salute in honor of the great Victory there is still one week, soldiers of the 103-th Vitebsk airborne brigade – participants of the Republican action “Belarus remembers” – held on may 2 in the regional centre the parade in front of the house of the veteran of the great Patriotic war.

on the eve of the heroic anniversary, BelTA informs, the paratroopers marched near the house of a 95-year-old Alexei Ivanov, a military orchestra played the unforgettable melodies of the war years. “In the face of Alexei Mikhailovich young generation of defenders of the Fatherland, congratulated veterans and workers of rear on the upcoming great holiday”, – said the Deputy brigade commander Colonel Dennis Kriventsov.

Alexis was moved to tears by the parade of Marines and could not restrain his emotions, standing before ranks of courageous soldiers. And according to relatives, he had a long and carefully prepared for our ceremony, was put in order his dress uniform. After the parade Ivanov shared with his soldiers the memories of the war years.

by the Way, the biography of veteran retired Colonel who was born in the Slutsk district, typical for the millions of defenders of the Motherland. The war found him in Leningrad, where he studied at the factory school and then work in the rear and artillery training. In 1944, Alexei Mikhailovich was released from the fighting in Konigsberg, and after the Victory he graduated from the military artillery Academy, and for many years served in the 103rd airborne division.

And in the Grodno region, employees of the historical-archeological Museum has developed on the eve of may celebrations, a virtual exhibition “the Generals of the Victory”. On its website and in social networks it tells the story of the generals of the great Patriotic war the Belarusian natives in the region.

the anniversary of this significant date is timed a number of large-scale online campaigns. Over 500 clips were recorded by participants in the regional challenge “Voices of Victory”.

the Essence of the project, according to news portals, which started a month before may 9, is that everyone is invited to sing a few lines or the song “Victory Day” and post videos with the hashtag on social networks, passing the baton on. The action has been joined by thousands of people from across the region: rescuers and customs officers, cultural workers, teachers, students, schools and even kindergartens. Interestingly, the song is not just sung, but played on dozens of instruments.

in addition, for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory the regional library offered its visitors to read excerpts from favorite books about the war, and the records are then posted on social networks.