Bathing in the fountains on the Day of the airborne troops (notes 2 August — approx. “VM”) can lead to injuries because of the instrument lights, and security of various infectious diseases. This was announced by the chief physician of the capital city polyclinic №109 Jacob Sandakov.

He stressed that bathing in the fountains is dangerous and on the other days. This is true for several reasons. In particular, we are talking about the potential for injury. The fact that the fountain can be pumps, works, devices of illumination or wiring. In addition, there is the risk of slipping and getting injured.

Another danger are infections.

— They distribute the animals and birds that plunge into the fountains, and at the same time celebrate to their needs, — said the doctor.

He also noted that the fountains fall debris and insects. Warm standing water is a breeding ground for germs. Also swimming in dirty water threatens allergies because parasites that infected waterfowl duck. As a result, people can get diseases such as carcharias, typhoid, hepatitis A and E, rotavirus and other diseases, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.