on Tuesday, President Alexander Lukashenko spoke by phone with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Talked about the upcoming may 9 celebration, and of the common struggle against the coronavirus. The old man is still confident that covid-19 not worse than a bad cold in his country, the infection spread is not received. And therefore calls on all leaders of the CIS countries in Minsk for the celebrations. Meanwhile, if you do not listen to bureaucratic statements not read the official reports on the situation of coronavirus in the country (which, however, do not appear regularly, once a week), and read social networks and independent media, it turns out that the situation in the country is actually critical.

the fact that the Vitebsk region is simply choking on the number of patients that doctors are working without protection in hospitals day and night, saving people from any of illnesses – pneumonia, influenza, SARS, cardiac complications – not only from covid-19, with outbreaks in the country officially, no – according to many independent media in Belarus. The website narodnye Novosti Vitebsk made his map of the spread of coronavirus in the region. The whole area of cities and towns merge into a single red field, some points of a Burgundy. Patients in every area. In this information to receive very difficult. It is not there. However, according to official estimates, the region now infected by 1935, 17 died.

Doctors complain that when they get sick, not misleading diagnosis. Accordingly, doctors are working without any protection. Infect themselves and then infect others. Doctors told local reporters that it is very “presses on the brain”, because you never know what you accept “comignago” of the patient. Some believe that the data on patients with coronavirus hiding on purpose, “in order not to pay for the work with the infected.”

According to unofficial data, the doctors picked up the coronavirus in the region for over a hundred. Actually, if you read the statistics, it looks weird. For example, it is reported that in Novopolotsk hospital is 31 people with the coronavirus, and 65 with pneumonia. In Verhnedvinsky area diseased coronavirus listed 4 people, with pneumonia hurts 16 people, one of them on a ventilator. But the sick covid-19 did not think so. The people themselves are parallel stats and call in social networks residents to be neat, to wear masks, observe self-imposed isolation.

If about Vitebsk all read terrible news for several weeks, in the last days of the actual topic of discussion was the outbreak of the coronavirus in the city Stolbtsy of the Minsk region. This town of 70 thousand inhabitants is 60 km from the capital and it is known all over Belarus’s meat factory, whose products are distributed throughout the country. On the outbreak heres residents say almost in a whisper, to avoid being branded as alarmists. But in conversations with local journalists admit that after the local fleet stopped work because of diseased conductors and drivers driving only ambulances and buses of firm “Ritual”. According to Stolbova, on the day they bury 5-7 people. At the same time, as the cause of death was anything but a coronavirus. As told reporters of the Belarusian editions one resident Column, she a week ago grandma died, then grandpa went to the hospital. The reason for the death of her grandmother called heart failure. “Granny was buried in a closed coffin, even her dress is not allowed, put it in a black sealed bag. At the cemetery were my parents and aunt. Except with cardiac insufficiency are forbidden to say goodbye to loved ones?” – says the woman. In the city every day, disinfection of streets, however residents about the dangers of not saying anything. Information is obtained from a semi-formal reviews. The chief of Stolbtsy district hospital Svetlana Glebko admitted that the situation in the city complex: “According to the decision of the main Department of health of Minsk regional Executive Committee on the basis of our regional hospital opened the hospital with 134 seats. For these purposes, converted almost all departments. The number of patients with pneumonia is not reduced. So I ask district residents to strictly observe the regime of self-isolation”.

About the speed with which spreads Covid-19 at a country can be judged by the head of the interior Ministry of Belarus. He said that the coronavirus now affects about 500 employees, including 20 doctors of the hospital of the interior Ministry. He also told that in the colonies now in three shifts sew protective clothing for medical 16 thousand pieces per day.

And here that spoke about the situation in the country do residents of Belarus.

Ekaterina Belova (Columns): “the Opinion of different people. Enterprises whenever possible send people to udalenku. Try not to leave the house and go to the village. Spend more time in the garden. And so, the mood is very different. Some say that we should not panic, the others try to protect themselves. Died out in plastic bags, where it is written that he died from diabetes. Even the burial is not given. Relatives realize that he died not from the disease. Nothing to do and all are protected from intrusion according to the best of their ability. Of course, sane people in the may 9 parade will not go. Patriotism and respect for veterans should be, but it is not only to go to the square and shout there. Now it would be better not to expose them to risk.”

Eugene Borisenkov (Grenoble): “life in the city, to some extent, gave the brakes. But, in principle, people continue to live the same life, protecting yourself and loved ones. Almost all wear masks, all have antiseptic, residents avoid unnecessary contact. Many events and professional festivities was canceled. In manufacturing, where I work, put a mask mode, to the point that if you come without a mask, it will not be allowed. I have not seen that in the city there was panic, but with caution. In big stores the little people. You can tell the unit compared to what it was before the coronavirus. The gym is almost empty. Now there is only the coaches and those who believe coronavirus inventions. Of course, it would be good if introduced the so-called quarantine. But I agree with our leadership that we do not have the money for it. Here in Russia, entered quarantine, and the sense that everyone is sitting at their own expense and do not earn money. And that Russia has gold, diamonds, and in Belarus – nothing. We have nothing to sit on quarantine. The state takes all measures to minimize the spread of the disease. Of course, the parade on 9 may confuse, but to drive one is not. Who wants that goes. It is the will of everyone.”

Yulia Sudakova (Grenoble): “Panic in the city. We do try to reduce contacts and sitting in voluntary isolation. Many take work home. The children in the garden don’t move on their own. Our circle of friends – people of good faith, so live by the principle “better safe than sorry”.

Andriy Shmatko (Orsha): “In Orsha, all is quiet. The problem exists, but its scale is obviously exaggeration. Certainly is sick, but the piles of corpses lie on the streets. I have more than 500 friends in town and none of them became infected. I am sure that information about the epidemic are exaggerated.”

Dmitry Damascene (Vitebsk): “In the city of little people, but today I stopped by the traffic police and, it seems, the entire Vitebsk here. Masked man is five, and the others must have been ill. Of course, “Lukashism” no one canceled, all work, no quarantine. Only in the corners whispering, discussing what kind of government is “good”. And from the coronavirus, we do not die, but only from chronic diseases. Many enterprises at a loss. The company where I work, dismissed employees at his own expense. No orders, and we work mainly on Russia and other countries. So nothing good.

Lyudmila Lukina (Columns): “Many do not believe in the official statistics. Because of this, people are nervous and want to disclose these figures. People say that they hurt my friends, and the authorities tell us that all is well. It causes anxiety and panic. Every day in the media there is information about dozens of dead from pneumonia. Just if there was more trust statistics, people and action would be taken accordingly. If the government imposed a quarantine, most of the victims could be causAMB. But to come to the may 9 Victory day parade – suicide.”