Pictures of Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova on vacation were published in the British tabloid The Sun. Photos are available on the publication’s website.

Paparazzi drew attention to a 34-year-old Russian woman who is resting on a yacht. In the photo, Sharapova is wearing a black bikini. As noted in The Sun, the Russian woman is in Italy, where she arrived to attend the Venice Film Festival, which will last until September 11.

Sharapova spends time in the company of her fiance, British businessman Alexander Gilks. The Russian woman completed her performances in 2020.

Sharapova is the winner of 39 tournaments of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), in 2005 she became the first racket of the world. In different years, the Russian woman won all the Grand Slam tournaments. In 2012, she won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in London.