Pandemic reveals the true potential of Russian IT companies

And these opportunities can completely change the face of modern health care. It is no coincidence that today, many companies noticed these trends and offer designs which can be useful for organizers of health care and for doctors.

One of the IT companies, for example, offers the service of screening drugs. Take into account the characteristics and adverse effects of drug interactions, especially in the elderly, today it is quite difficult – the amount of information is huge. Validation service pharmaceutical appointments, will enhance the effectiveness of treatment, to reduce the number of errors in prescribing, reduce the risks of incompatible destination LP.

the program is enough to specify the gender, age, hypersensitivity (allergic? reaction) of the patient, the presence of diseases and conditions in his medical history, and medication prescribed by the doctor.

Based on this information, the service will provide background information about the interaction of medications, their combination with food and alcohol, about duplication of drug therapy, contraindications, possible allergic reaction?. It may be useful to physicians, pharmacologists, pharmacists, experts, insurance companies, employees, medical educational institutions and many other organizations working in the health sector.

Another recent development is the app that allows to pass a test to determine the risk of possible contamination or the presence of COVID-19, as well as evaluating the likelihood of respiratory syndrome and pneumonia – all without direct human presence. On the results of testing the system will offer personalized recommendations.

Russian programmers designed and pre-hospital diagnostic Handbook, which can collect information about the health status of the patient using the free mobile apps, smartphones, tablets, and touch terminals. He is able to optimize the reception time and increase the efficiency of work of the doctor, and in terms of the epidemic allows to divide the flow of patients.

the Russian IT services and products created specifically for the current situation. Thus, the telemedicine consultation service allows you to monitor the status of patients diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) and individuals at risk. And conduct remote medical consultations, remote consultation, to determine whether a full-time doctor’s visit in terms of quarantine, to support the relationship between doctor and patient and correct treatment of patients, including those with chronic diseases.

Many information technologies have provided health care for free. This, for example, a cloud platform that enables quick��about to organize remote monitoring, supervision and counseling of the patient by his doctor. The main principle of service: the patient is asked when there is a question, the doctor is in charge when there is opportunity. It allows to embed the new service in the loaded working day of the doctor. And it works on any platform – Web, Android, iOS.

For long-term remote monitoring and management of the patient after organ transplantation the medical transplant of the proposed system developed with the support of the organization of Nephrology patients “Nefro-League” and SMRC Transplantology and artificial organs named after academician V. I. Shumakov”. It is designed for long-term remote monitoring of the patient, is able to remind him about the need for medication, questionnaires, measurements, surveys with the ability to upload to the cloud the results. She will inform the doctor about the condition of the patient (including through automatically generated charts and heat maps); send emergency notification of threatening conditions. And the patient will inform about the correct lifestyle, nutrition and behavior.

In the conditions of pandemic and quarantine service may be used for transfer to remote monitoring of a wide range of patients in need of observation

to Tell you about all future developments of Ukrainian IT specialists is simply impossible. One thing is clear – the fact that only yesterday seemed full of fiction, today acquired real options, and tomorrow will be a regular part of our lives.

– the Potential of our IT companies is virtually unlimited, says the President ARMIT (Association for development of medical information technologies) Michael Eljanov. – A practical problem for many industries, including healthcare, they have already been solved long ago, but remained unclaimed. The current situation puts the industry new challenges, it requires such fast and smart decisions. I am confident that with the support of the new team of the relevant Department of the Ministry of health, they will be considered, appreciated and the best will find their practical application not only in emergency situations such as a pandemic, but in the daily work. They save resources, time, money, ease the work of staff, provide new opportunities and doctors, and patients, and, ultimately, will provide a breakthrough in many areas.