Especially by Trump is likely to have on Easter Monday, the relationship to his currently probably the most important consultants in the USA so painful corona crisis: Dr. Anthony Fauci. The recognized immunologist and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Dseases can save the complex task to advise the known to science, critical Trump at a time, in the empirical data and findings in the fight against the pandemic.

Fauci does not shy away to speak to his superior publicly, be it in the case of the unaudited effect of an Anti-Malaria drug for the suppression of Corona-symptoms, or simply by criticism of the current U.S. policy in dealing with the Virus.

The TV station CNN, Fauci says, “is that nobody can deny” that an earlier and firmer action against the spread of the Coronavirus, people would have saved lives in the United States. “If we had directly moved to the beginning of everything down, we would have now a somewhat different picture. But there was a lot of resistance to such a step,“ says the immunologist.

Which leads back to the presidential Twitter Account, because there is widespread Trump fires among its 77 million followers, a Post with the Hashtag #FireFauci – Fauci.

populists see science as a part of the hostile Elite in the corona crisis, is extremely unfavourable

Although Trump a day later, his digital threat with the simple words, “I simply adding, retweeted”, the incident is symbolic for a deep-seated conflict. Because in the world the image of a populist, the company was divided into two homogeneous groups, declared a populism-expert Walter Ötsch to FOCUS Online: “The elites and the people.”

While politicians such as Trump, as the voice of the people understand, see you in the science, including the objective data a risk to their own subjective truth feel. The US President speaks in this context of “Fake News” or referred to climate change as short-hand as a “Hoax”, a hoax. He alone decides what is true and what is false.

An attitude towards science by the alarming increase in the number of coronavirus-Infected, and dead in the United States (21.664 Stand: 14. April) and in the world fast ad absurdum was conducted. The Virus took care of that with its spread a little of course, and while Trump to the 10. March announced, “it will go away”, increased the number of infections in Europe are already growing exponentially. The next day, the WHO called the corona crisis to a pandemic. AFP Skeptical eye: Dr. Anthony Fauci and U.S. President Donald Trump

the US President is not with his attitude, however. In Brazil, the crisis of the right-wing government of President Jair Bolsonaro takes a similar course, except that the man with the ear for science, Anthony Fauci, but Luiz Mandetta.

it is reported As the “ARD”, got Brazil’s Minister of health Mandetta vehemently for output lock and load a closures in his country, only to draw the wrath of the President. The following, finally, to his Corona-campaign: “Brazil must not stand still”, which was even banned by a court.

How little Bolsonaro of the recommendations made by its health Minister, revealed recently a Video of the President in a bakery in the capital, Brasilia. It is to see how the President eats, drinks, and several people photographing, and the right to stand right next to him. A bad example rubs off, apparently also on the population. According to a report of the “SZ” is a well-observed social distancing there is only sporadic. On the day of Bolsonaros bakery trip at 9. April saw Brazil already 941 Corona-Dead.

Economic standstill can allow Trump and Bolsonaro hardly

Solely on political ideology, dislike, and disregard for scientific recommendations, however, do not back lead. Also very pragmatic reasons for populists like Trump and Bolsonaro drive in front of it.

Both presented themselves in front of your choice as a fighter against the Establishment. In Brazil, the discontent of the population fed on the Anger about the corrupt System of the Ex-President, Dilma Rousseff. However, it was Trump in his campaign, to the voice of the Dissatisfied to ascend. What United both in its Agenda, was the promise of more welfare among its constituents.

As for your opinion as fact or fiction objective laws for populist constitute most best a opportunes means. Admired the could be, if the US President linked the success of his economic policy with the next record high of the Dow Jones.

The Populist and presidential elections…

“Indeed, it is populists, but to subjective sensibilities”, knows Uwe Jun, Professor of political science at the University of Trier in an interview with FOCUS Online. “The people should be given the feeling that they get their due share in the prosperity of the Nation. This promise could disappear by the crisis, and in fact, we see already strong signs of an impending mass unemployment in the United States.“ imago images/Agencia EFE Brazil’s President Jaier Bolsonaro speaks before representatives of the press on 6. April

Accordingly, great is the fear of an economic standstill – just then, when, as in the case of Trumps in the upcoming fall presidential elections are imminent. For expert Jun will be decisive, “to whom citizens attribute the responsibility for these social and economic Situation”.

In the United States, it is a common phenomenon that the citizens in times of crisis, flocking behind their President. This but white, as a crisis Manager as yet been little, with the result that Trumps consent values have remained intact so far, almost the same (44 percent). Further South, the situation in the case of the President of Brazil is much more precarious: Only 33 percent of the population are in favour of the course Bolsonaros in the fight against the Coronavirus.

populism: A threat remains

In its intransigence, the Virus is also political agitators Hold. Instead, it dissects with precision the nonsense of their policy. And yet, scientists Jun is expected in the aftermath of the pandemic, the usual mechanisms, if populists, the negative consequences for their own political Agenda want to exploit.

even now you could watch this, he says, and refers to the political Statements of Italy. There, the rights Lega-chief Matteo Salvini, Germany was criticized for its lack of support in the corona of a crisis. “From Germany we get nothing – except for two fingers in the eyes down”, he tweeted.

the most common medium for populist, white Jun, “in order To build and own grievances there to pass”. To this danger we must give, in the future, increasingly of eight.

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