Pandemic coronavirus has created a new type of fraud

In the Council of Dmitrovskiy district of Moscow, where, in particular, appeared the following announcement, “RG” have informed that do not belong to them and are engaged only in public spaces, not the apartments. “The latest information regarding any activities around the house you can always find out by phone of dispatching service of Moscow”, – said in the Council.

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov/ RIA Novosti In the state Duma explained, more expensive housing and communal services from-for disinfection of entrances

In St. Petersburg, called and did not open the door to unknown, claim to be disinfectants, as well as doctors or certain special services. “Under the pretext of combating the spread of diseases they can get to the apartment and to commit theft or other crime”, – noted in city Committee on law, security and the rule of law and explained that no service is performed door-to-door bypass of citizens in connection with the coronavirus.

Companies involved in the disinfection of apartments, indeed, have started to offer their services to combat coronavirus. However, the special funds they have no facilities treated with the same drugs that they previously fought infectious agents (tuberculosis, plague, etc.). Processing one-room apartment worth 3-3,5 thousand rubles, but the coronavirus is irrelevant.