the Pandas at the Zoo are starting to show approximations to each other, and the coming days there is the possibility of the pairing.

Sunday has been cupids in the air in the Copenhagen Zoo.

Parringsvinduet for the two pandas, Xing and Mao Sun, is, by all accounts, opened and the two pandas started to behave lovingly towards each other.

It says Mads Frost Bertelsen, who is a veterinarian in the Zoo.

– You know that pandas have a single window per year, where they can mate, and we think that the window began to close up in the morning, he says.

Since Friday, the two pandas have been closed together in a few hours to get used to each other.

– Our concern was whether they would accept each other, but it is of course fine the last few days, but suffered heavily. The moslede around, the bed a little, pushed a little, he says.

– But in the morning there was suddenly something completely different, they were more loving in the way they bypassed each other. We have seen it increasing in the course of the day, that the female makes itself a little more.

All indications, indeed, that the female Sunday has had his life’s first ovulation and has thus opened a window of between 12 and 36 hours, where the two pandas can mate.

Because the animals have begun to show advances, spend they are no longer just a few hours together in the course of the day, but is from the Saturday closed together permanently.

But whether it will lead to a pairing is to be seen, stresses the Mads Frost Bertelsen. Especially because it is the first time that the two pandas are sexually mature.

– It is the only nature that can determine it. This is the first time for the two animals, they have not tried it before. They know the right is not, how it should be done, he says.

And all this here hormonpåvirkning for the female is new, it is probably her first cycle at all. It will be very fortunate if it succeeds in the year, but it should not prevent us to hope for it.