Danny St-Pierre has set up shop in Mile-Ex to open his new restaurant, Pan Américan Pizza. The snack bar with an “Italian twist” features its famous pan pizzas and subs.

Since October, the team has been welcoming customers in its small premises on rue Jeanne-Mance (in the former Mile-Ex restaurant). You can eat there for lunch and dinner – reservations are recommended – or you can have Danny St-Pierre’s creations delivered to your home.

We therefore find the pan pizzas, delicious and surrounded by crispy cheese. And the choices are numerous: pepperoni pizza (Pep su’l top), smoked meat (Smo kede meat), Fortuna (with oyster mushrooms from Ferme Fortuna), onion soup, and many others.

Danny St-Pierre also offers a few subs – which are coming back into fashion, including the flagship Echo, a “nod” to that of a renowned restaurant chain, and the Pan Am, completely vegan with its chickpea panelles.

We also let ourselves be tempted by a fries (still very hearty), like those from the Clown with its Big Mac toppings, or by a starter of Cacio and pepe croquettes. As for desserts, there are a few choices available to us, including Nanaimo bars.

“We celebrate what the continental restaurant was like at the time, where you had a little bit of everything,” explains Danny St-Pierre, who wants to keep his cuisine accessible and very family-friendly. Take-out options are available with two or four pizzas and sides, ideal for families or groups.

By the glass, you can drink wine from the menu nicely put together by Steve Beauséjour and Cat Fabi, beers from West Shefford, a homemade cocktail or a soda.

Already adopted by people in the neighborhood, Pan American Pizza plays on our nostalgic fiber by serving us rich and comforting dishes, but with a little touch of je ne sais quoi.