The palm Sunday is the first day of Holy week and commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The Evangelist Matthew writes about the Riding of Jesus on a donkey from the mount of Olives down into the city: “Many people spread on the road, their dresses, while others cut branches from the trees, and strawed them on the road.”

as long As it is already in the palm Sunday processions

A growing inclination to retrace the biblical accounts of Suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus chronologically, was probably already in the fourth or fifth century to commemorate the collection in Jerusalem, which is in the Form of a procession. In the eleventh and twelfth century the palm Sunday procession in many Parts of the country Tradition.

So the Liturgy runs from

, The Liturgy begins with a blessing of palms; in the German-speaking countries almost always carrying tree branches or pussy willow tufts are used.

After the blessing of the palm procession follows. For the first time in the Holy week, it is reported during the subsequent worship service of the Suffering and death of Jesus. Usually the entire passion is read aloud story.

The Holy week begins – what is now

comes With the palm Sunday the Holy week begins: This is the last week before Easter. The word “Kar” comes from the old high German and means “sorrow”, “lament” or “sorrow”.

The Maundy Thursday the Church of the last supper that Jesus held with his disciples, and the institution of the Eucharist intends to do. After the Gloria-singing in the worship service organ and bells are silenced; after the celebration, floral decorations and candles are vacated and set aside.

While don’t need of the people, that on this day, preferably “green foods” like spinach or watercress on the table, but the day is not likely to owe its name to the colour, but the old high German “Green” or “Snivels”, “crying” means.

good Friday is the day of remembrance of the crucifixion of Christ. This day is days in the Catholic Church next to the ash Wednesday one year, two strict Fast and Abstinence. In the afternoon a communion service with communion ceremony will be held at the hour of the crucifixion of Jesus. The focus is on the suffering of the Jesus story is.

Holy Saturday is the rest of the day of remembrance of the grave. There are no religious services are held. On the altars neither candles nor flowers. The barren design of the churches indicates that the Suffering and death of Jesus.

The period of time between the exhibition of the Last supper on Maundy Thursday up to Easter Sunday is called in the Catholic Church, also known as “the three Easter days”. “Need to test certain groups”: RKI-chief clarifies Corona Tests in Germany, FOCUS Online/Wochit “Need to test certain groups”: RKI-chief clarifies Corona Tests in Germany