He took the opportunity. Jörg L. will the daughter always miss, if his idea went to lots wife of their work. The hospital staff from Bergisch-Gladbach, filmed his acts and presented them in relevant Chats. Between June 2018 and August 2019, the Prosecutor’s office lists according to FOCUS Online 26 cases, including many serious sexual Assaults. The victim was a small child.

The alleged perpetrator is considered to be one of the key figures in a huge abuse complex with nationwide, nearly 60 accused, including 27 in NRW alone. As the Cologne chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer confirmed on request “are completed, the investigations in this case”. It can take a few weeks before the indictment is brought. The process could be expected to begin in June.

police seized the data carrier

It is the 20. October 2019, when the police ring for Jörg L. on the front door and a search warrant presented. The police in Kassel had received from the USA a note on a Chat, in the child porn files archived course. The trail led from the Hessian metropolis to Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany to Jörg L.. The 42-Year-old was advised by the self-abuse scenes put into the field of view of the investigator.

As the family returned from a fall vacation, seized the Kripo disk of the Suspect. Three days later, they returned and took the man into custody.

Initially, there was talk of three abuse cases, but the number increased gradually. In the evaluation of the im contacts, more and more files were found with the time information in the field of view of the video clips. The photographs of the Accused was in secret conversation forums, Messenger services, such as Threema. There, buyers were given only as outsiders to access, if you were able to come up with child porn Material.

Sometimes you acted in 1:1 Chats, some of the participants exchanged their children, each other to abuse. But you always was on the alert, whether or not undercover agents had crept in. Some of the statements of interview participants held L. for so stupid, that he broke off the contact to you. dpa/Patrick Pleul/dpa-Central picture/dpa shadow of the hands of one Person and the head of a child are seen on a wall of a room.

insight in a huge Community of Pädokriminellen

Alone with Jörg L. were tens ensure thousands of child porn files. About him and his file carrier, the detective of the investigative group “of the EC mountain” piece by piece worked on to other Suspects. He was a map of the entrance, in order to give the criminal investigators a glimpse of a huge Community of Pädokriminellen.

The Accused has in the meantime made in the case of the investigators of the EC mountain several statements about possible accomplices. Repeatedly, the police had interrogated him to obtain information about more child molesters from the Forum. The majority acted in the network alias name.

Only two of the accomplices from the mammoth complex of the Bergisch could-Gladbacher help: Among other things, that Bundeswehr soldiers from Kamp-Lintfort to have abused his stepson, his daughter and his niece miss and another accused from Langenfeld.

men met with children and wives in the amusement Park

With two L. had agreed to the investigation, according to a family meeting. As weird as it sounds, the men met in addition to their unsuspecting wives and the children to Visit the amusement Park. However, to pass without the children. Rather, the families with coffee and cake came together. It is practiced in a spirit of friendship and Small-Talk. Everything looked quite harmless: friendship meeting under the name of like-minded people, who would live later in the chat, their perverted preferences.

Meanwhile, the soldier was indicted by the lower Rhine because of the 33 cases of abuse. Initially, he had led police and prosecutors around by the nose. As his wife turned the law enforcers on suspicion of indecent touches, gave the 26-Year-old ruefully and said that he was going to make a therapy. Thus, the investigators decided to confiscate his cell phone confiscated. Otherwise, you would have noticed that he belonged to a widely ramified child molester circle, the living out in a number of Chats with his perverted tastes, and inclined to hard abuse.

Videos in relevant conversation forums

Thus, the soldier remained on the loose. He took the opportunity to have his niece passed, before he could be transferred in the fall of 2019 finally. The defendant will have the knowledge to like-minded people to the common abuse of the children taken. Videos of his Assaults, he should have also set up in relevant conversation forums. 12. May want to start the trial against the confessed members of the army.

His well-Known Jörg L. in Bergisch-Gladbach, soon awaits a similar fate. How to learn from judicial circles, has not taken the suspect to his own actions yet. The evidence is overwhelming.

As Jörg L., was examined by a psychiatric expert already. The result is still open. In a Chat L. revealed may be a motive for his actions: Thus, he wants to be once been abused by a neighbor sexually abused.

so Far, but investigators found no evidence for this statement. Lanz unmasked confusing WHO-masks-recommendation: a virologist device, in the Defensive FOCUS Online/Wochit Lanz unmasked confusing WHO-masks-recommendation: a virologist device on the Defensive