Blizzard has declared that cross-play is now coming to all consoles, such as PlayStation, but you’re still able to opt out in the event that you would like.

It has been in existence for more than five decades now, but Overwatch is just now becoming a cross-play alternative, permitting anybody to play anybody else, regardless of what format they have.

There’s a catch, however, and that is that there is no cross-progression. Therefore, if you wished to take this as a chance to change formats you are going to need to begin your entire Overwatch livelihood again from scratch.
To utilize cross-play, console players will have to make account and connect it into the one for their own console. Though this can be explained in detail about Blizzard’s site .

Since many players fear that PC owners have an unfair advantage by means of a computer keyboard and mouse (and of course cheat mods) aggressive games will be divided between PC and another pool comprising all console players.

Console and PC owners may mingle in non-competitive manners, but you have still got a decision to adhere to console-only or even PC-only if you’d like. Or perhaps just individuals with your console, in the event that you truly don’t enjoy the notion of cross-play in any way.

The last problem is that there is no launch date yet for its cross-play alternative, though Blizzard has stated it will be until the end of year 28 — that is predicted to be the first week of July.

To encourage individuals to test the alternative Blizzard are giving a gold loot box to anybody that logs to the game from the end of 2021, so no hurry there.