The official representative of the world meteorological organization Claire Nullis reported that over the Arctic closed a large ozone hole. At the same time, she stressed that the event is not associated with a decrease in air pollution due to pandemic coronavirus, and it happened because of changes in the stratosphere.

this year in the stratosphere was very cold winter. Now the situation has returned to normal, and the hole closed, — quotes RIA Novosti Nullis.

She said that ozone depletion in the Arctic has reached a record high in March this year. The appearance of the ozone hole is associated with strong winds, which prevented the arrival of Arctic ozone-rich air. Furthermore, low temperatures that stayed in the stratosphere for quite a while, contributed to the formation of chlorine that Deplete the ozone layer.

Wrote leading researcher, research Institute (AARI), Alex Ekaykin called anomaly of the ozone hole that appeared over the Arctic in March. According to him, the need to form polar vortex that was very low temperature, around minus 80 °C and there were polar stratospheric clouds. Over the Arctic, these conditions are rarely formed. Today in the world there is a positive trend of recovery of the ozone layer. Square hole over Antarctica has shrunk considerably, too.