the UNITED states is all 163,000 infected the country in the world with the most cases of the coronavirus.

the Number of dead as a result of the coronavirus, has exceeded 3000 in the UNITED states.

according to an analysis from Johns Hopkins University on the night of Tuesday local time.

the UNITED states has registered a total of 3008 died, and approaching thus more deaths than the chinese Hubei province, which is the virus’s original epicenter. Here is who registered 3186 deaths, shows the inventory.

Worse is the situation in Italy and Spain, which have recorded respectively, more than 11.500 and over 7700 deaths.

the UNITED states is the country in the world with the most smittetilfælde. Thus, there is registered over all 163,000 smittetilfælde. Of which at least 5764 declared healthy.

The state that is hardest hit is New York. Here passed the number of dead 1000 on Monday.

At a press conference the night of Tuesday local time, said president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, to more than a million americans have been tested for coronaviruses.

He invited at the same time, americans continue to hold distance to each other through the whole of april in order to prevent the infection spreading.

on the Night of Monday Danish time said Trump, that the government extends the guidelines regarding the distancing between persons up to 30. april.

Thus went he away from his previously stated goal to reopen parts of the UNITED states before easter.

Donald Trump also said that the government expects that the number of daily infected individuals will peak about two weeks.

– If the UNITED states can keep the deaths down to between 100,000 to 200,000 v potential of 2.2 million, it will mean that we have done a good job, said Donald Trump, according to news agency Reuters.