Coronapandemien has cost 25.035 lives of people around the world – most in Europe.

the Number of coronadødsfald worldwide have now topped 25,000.

It shows a statement from the u.s. Johns Hopkins University on Friday afternoon.

the Worst affected are Italy, who so far have reported 8215 died. The figure is expected to rise further, when the Italian authorities on Friday evening with the daily update.

In Spain there are 4858 deaths among persons who were confirmed infected with the coronavirus, and in China, the figure is 3296.

Europe is generally the hardest hit part of the world. The united kingdom has on Friday reported a total of 759 died as a result of the corona, while the death toll in France in 1696.

a Little over 550.000 people are confirmed infected with the coronavirus worldwide. Of them are over 127.000 been declared healthy again.

The real number of infected is thought to be much higher.

In Italy, where the country is shut down and the police patrol the streets to ensure that people keep within doors, say the authorities, that they probably will extend the closure further.

currently apply restrictions to the 3. april.

Italy has confirmed 80.589 infected, but have not yet seen the top of the smittekurven, says the head of the Italian national institute of health, Silvio Brusaferro.

He adds, however, that there are signs that the number of new infections subsides a little.

– But when does the decline begin, and how steep it will be, depends on our conduct, he says to news agency Reuters.