Worldwide, there are more than 117 million children in 37 countries who, on account of the coronapandemie result in a life-saving mazelenvaccin to be missed. All in over 24 countries, the vaccination campaigns are delayed, may be there will be even more so. Have to warn you, among others, the world health organization (WHO), the UN’s leading organization for children, Unicef and the American Red Cross.

you should continue with the vaccinations, but it is best to take extra precautions. In the recently published guidelines recommend the WHO for vaccination campaigns have to stop at countries that do not have an active outbreak, is an illness that is a vaccine to prevent it. In addition, governments are asked to carefully consider, before a vaccination campaign to slow down.

“Like the hard choice will be made for the vaccinations to to to stop, then, should policy-makers, non-vaccinated children to identify that the most vulnerable groups of the population, vaccines can be given as soon as possible,” according to the organisation behind the call. “Vaccine administration is critical to the saving of lives that would otherwise be lost to the voorkombare disease.”

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The organizations also point out that the number of mazelengevallen has increased in recent years, and in 2018, with 140.000 lives, especially of babies and children, is required. Many of the 117 million children who are now at risk for a vaccine against measles, mumps, cars, and live in regions in which there is an active case of measles is.

Among others, Brazil, democratic republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan, and decided to get the vaccination to them.

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