He is the Thickest, and he delivered the thickest thing: Daniel (31) began nearly six months at “The Biggest Loser”Bootcamp on Naxos with 203, 8 pounds as a heavy excess weight. In the final of the slimming show, he closed it triumphantly: 104 kilograms lighter, he won with a percentage weight reduction of 51,03 percent of the driving teacher from lower Saxony has halved! “Yessss!”, he roared jubilantly, “I’m an owl!” Under A Hundred! 99,8 kg weighed in with Daniel on the not so thick at the end.

SAT.1 of the tele-show

Here, Daniel (competitor and friend Abdi has: “He’s an animal!”) the same three records. Never before has a TBL-the candidate made in the first week of the Camp, a decrease of 21.4 kg (Trainer Ramin: “A record for eternity!”), none succeeded in the eight-week Camp Phase, 63,7 kg untrain. The record-breaking hat-Trick he made in the finals perfectly: 104 kilograms, no one has previously removed during a season! Only the record of the percentage of acceptance he could not beat – as last year’s winner, Mario, the abspeckte 51,71 (101,4 kg) remains the measure of all things thin.

SAT.1 / Arya Shirazi tele look Tight box in the “Biggest Loser”Finale: Also “Vice-Less” Sascha has halved!

Daniel made his promise come true, “to reach a weight that no one can beat”, but he had to stretch. Because Sascha (28, nicknamed “machine”) managed about half of its initial EUR 160.4 pounds to get rid of 80.6 pounds, to be exact. “It will be a close one”, said game Director Christine Theiss (40). At the end of Sascha, the decreased 50,25 percent of his starting weight was missing, just 0.78 per cent, to Triumph. So the 50,000 Euro prize going to Daniel, Sascha, however, has its win at home. His daughter: “daddy is my Hero!”

the third was Abdi (25), Daniel, Coach-novice Petra Arvela (26) trained. Its balance sheet: 47,18 percent (67,8 kg) of launch weight (143,7 kg) of weight lost, with 75.9 kg height achieved – a retreaded man: “I’m happy, I love life!”

place four remained for Tülay, the only woman in the finals. You (“I’ve always thought to the final!”), as Sascha by coach Ramin Abtin (47) coached, lost 40,68 per cent (of 51.7 pounds) of once 127,1 kg. “What a performance!”, raved about Christine Theiss with wet eyes as the Gummer bacherin (25) appeared in skin-tight sequins mini on stage.

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Abdi, Tülay, Sascha and Daniel are ready for the big “The Biggest Loser”Finale! Who gets in this year, the title? Do you have a favorite? “The Biggest Loser – The Grand Finale”, Friday, 20:15 PM in @satellite.1!

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SAT.1 of the tele-show Tremendous: 18 “Biggest Loser”candidate lost in six months 909 kilograms!

The great performance of the four finalists was the tip of a gigantic iceberg of molten Kilos. Overall, the 18 candidates in the (long before the outbreak of the Corona Virus recorded) took their Final Show, a freaking from the audience, presented to 50.5 kilos, with an average of! In total, they speckten 909 kilograms; so much is the weight of a fully grown polar bear!

some new people presented themselves on the stage, really. Or, in other words people from whom you do not take in a dream that they were half a year ago, partly fatal overweight. Anthony (32), for instance, in the semi-final narrowly failed, was launched with almost 200 kilograms (199,5) to the Camp. Now, the colossus of Naxos, brought to still 111,8 kg on the scales – 43,96 per cent less. He won the category of “Non-finalists” and thus a holiday for two in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. His girlfriend Anni (“I have a new man at my side!”) will enjoy it.

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Who has a home again properly the pounds and get today the title of “The Biggest Loser 2020”? The Grand Finale – Friday, at 20:15 in @satellite.1!

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SAT.1 of the tele-show “From the ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly”

Of all the women Celina (27) took most of the weight: 52,2 kg. Thus, and also with their percentage value (40,94), topped even a finalist Tülay. Sarah (30), in the quarter-finals, failed, took “revenge”: it reached 41.7 per cent, the best decrease in the value of all the ladies. Great is also the retread appearance of Petra (50). The Buchloerin (“The Allgäu is behind me!”) from the “Secret Team” of Coaches Sarah and Dominic (both 28) Harrison 39,2 lost from the Beginning 111,5 kg (35,16 per cent) and floated like a Top Model on the stage.

at All: the Oldies proved to be pure Goldies. Claudia, 50, the Oldest in Naxos-Camp, took 23,66 percent, and fulfilled to mutate your dream, “from the ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly”, visually, without a doubt. The once nondescript and sad Sigi (47) was transformed by 40 pounds (34 percent), easier – to-life hot cat “(Christine Theiss) happy”.

And Camp-Senior Werner (56) proved that age protects against discipline: He’s adopted, after all, a fifth of his starting weight!

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Our #TBLWorkout in the last round! Are you in the Finale again? The great “The Biggest Loser”Finale, on Friday at 20:15 PM in @satellite.1!

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SAT.1 / Willi Weber Teleschau Ran to the bacon: application period for “The Biggest Loser 2021” runs!

“the Lost Kilos are nice, but not everything,” stressed Christine Theiss. “Much more important is your enjoyment of life, your new self-awareness is, as you radiate!” The Chance to achieve this is given in the next year: The deadline for applications for the 13. Season of “The Biggest Loser” can be sent.

Who doubts, whether he should join in, “TBL cost a lot of nerves, I cried and cursed,” said Sarah, “but it was worth every second!” And the master of all classes, Daniel: “Biggest Loser is the Best thing that can happen to me has.”

SAT.1 / Willi Weber tele show

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