For ten years there has been no other German champion than Bayern Munich. This monotony annoys Michael Ballack. The TV expert criticizes BVB and criticizes the Dortmund attitude.

BVB lacks the master mentality: The former world-class player Michael Ballack takes on Borussia Dortmund. “The relationship between aspiration – becoming champion – and mentality – showing it every week – is not right,” he criticized in the “Kicker”.

Short, compact, clear

No concentration against little ones: Ballack is more specific: “Bayern plays 80 percent of the season in third gear and becomes champion – that can’t be! Dortmund must be ready to drive every game in sixth gear. I expect BVB to be at eye level in terms of mentality and concentration.” Because of this lack of consistency, BVB would often lose against smaller opponents – and regularly against Bayern.

Who dares to take risks? Ballack asks the crucial questions: “Is it really the idea to offer FC Bayern full competition? Who is taking the financial risk? Who is ready to take on this pressure situation?” His conclusion: “I don’t see anyone at that level.”