In a shocking pink Outfit Jaime King (40) struts through the streets of New York. The “Hart of Dixie”actress is striking with its colorful Look – but not in a positive sense, such as our fashion jury.

Because someone has not done his homework. Styling-rule number one: Under Oversize coats, always wear some bodycon! This means that under the coral colored part of tight Jeans and a simple Shirt would have fit better. And the pink skirt a short leather jacket would have been a good choice. The individual parts of the Looks are fabulous (especially the white boots) and the colors make the mood, but everything together is reminiscent of a cartoon character from Candyland!

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Oh dear! Jaime is here to please from head to foot – Oh, no wait, to the ankle (the shoes are kept discreet) – in a pink paint pot. Or what is the fashionable Statement they wanted to set hereby? With fashion, this has not much to do. It is said that there is in the fashion has no borders, but somewhere the Fun stops also. This is all a bit too much Pink, and many shades of color and pattern. What did you combined very well, is the yellow handbag with the bright pink Look – suits me very well!

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note that the traffic light is Red … Uh, sorry, Pink! Jaimes Look lights up like a traffic signal, and simply can not be overlooked. I wish, however, that I was missing these fashionable riding would not have seen. The colors would not generally harmonize together, the cut of the mantle of the figure of the actress flatters. Jaime is lost in the Outfit complete. The pattern of the Rocks combined with the Creoles would be a good fit to a 60s Party on the streets of the Big Apple, the Look is more yuck as hui!

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fashion jury – The big Outfit-Check