16-year-old Sophie actually just wanted to celebrate her prom with her friends, but the student was excluded from the event. Because she came in a suit instead of an evening dress.

In Florida, a school’s strict dress code is causing a stir: As NBCNEWS reports, a student at Mason Classical Academy was denied entry to the prom because she wore a suit instead of a dress.

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Savidge arrived at the ballroom at Vanderbilt Country Club with her mother and friends. But deputy headteacher Nissa Mitchell turned Sophie away because her suit was against the dress code.

Sophie and her mother Holly were surprised and horrified. “I was so angry,” Holly told NBC, explaining that her daughter didn’t wear dresses. “She doesn’t like wearing dresses. That’s just not her.”

However, the two were informed that Sophie was only allowed to return to the ball in a dress. Sophie had already worn suits at previous school events.

A statement from Mason Classical Academy highlighted that there are clear dress code guidelines for all dances that are clearly presented and explained to all students and parents. The “Guide to Dress” on the school website states that “ladies” must wear dresses on formal occasions.

Before the prom, Sophie had researched court rulings and laws and was aware of the Peltier v. Charter Day School came across. In 2022, a US appeals court ruled that dress codes requiring girls to wear skirts violated US law prohibiting gender discrimination in publicly funded schools.

Her mother, Holly, has no plans to take legal action against the school, but hopes the school will reconsider its dress code. But Sophie received support. After local media reported the incident, two classmates thanked her and said they also planned to wear suits to school events. According to the NBCNEWS report, local fashion designer Peter Jean-Marie showed solidarity and gave Sophie silk bow ties.

Some time ago, another teen also made headlines. Kaden from England went to the prom in a bright red evening dress with a crown on her head. The young man had already expressed his desire to wear a dress to the event at the age of twelve and made his dream come true. He was celebrated for this.

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