In the West of Mongolia, under the Eastern “side” of Russia, an outbreak of bubonic plague in the region quarantined. After the rapid conquest of the world by a coronavirus such conduct can not fail to frighten. Especially as some of the Mongolian pastoral tribes to this day prefer to be treated with folk remedies, resorting to official medicine only in the most extreme cases.

we Recall the message of the Central Asian press, the quarantine in Western Mongolia declared a National center for the study of zoonotic (animal-borne) infections. He began to act since June 29, and how long, will show the dynamics of the outbreak.

today the hospitalized man and a woman – she’s in critical condition. It is established that in the beginning of the disease with her directly contacted 60 people and 400 people indirectly. According to doctors, both sick eating the meat of a woodchuck that could cause infection. Who reminds if not promptly treated, bubonic plague can kill an adult in less than a day.

– is it True that in the region to this day in the treatment of bubonic plague are turning to shamans? – interested in shaman Karagay.

– of Course, the plague in Mongolia treat the doctors, but in some nomadic tribes the first call of the shaman. According to the belief, still prevailing among the steppe peoples, any illness is an evil spirit, and ordered him to stand down can only be a shaman. And only if the evil spirit does not go away even with the help of shamanic techniques, the name of the doctor.

According to the tradition of shamanism, the bubonic plague is treated by clearing both the person and the space. The main carriers of this infection – the animals, specifically fleas on them. Therefore, the first step is to clean the house from the parasites, and then to fumigate it with the help of the artysh (juniper mountainous), since its smoke is bactericidal.

the Bubonic plague – long beach Mongolia, because here since ancient times, made to eat the meat of the marmot, which is one of the main vectors of the disease. Local know about it, but from the food traditions of their ancestors, did not refuse, anyway, preferring to take preventive measures. The method of protection recommended by shamans: 100 grams of vodka is 40-50 grams of finely chopped garlic, leave for two weeks, and then take 10 drops half an hour before each meal.

– Can the bubonic plague to infiltrate us through Mongolian border, if they continue instead of doctors to call shamans? – ask the doctor-epidemiologist, head epidemiological Department Olga Volodarskaya:

– in theory to get us anything, but in practice the bubonic plague, we should not be afraid. If only some imported cases, but COVID-19 led our epidemiologicasth service in such combat readiness, which all clearly tracked. Besides, the borders are now closed.

as for the disease itself, unlike COVID-19, it’s not viral, and bacterial – that is, by droplet infection is not transmitted. Bubonic plague affects the lymph system, its name comes from the word “buboes” – nodes formed at the affected inguinal, cervical and axillary areas. The disease spreads from one animal to another by fleas.

People develop a bubonic form of plague often after the bite of an infected flea or rat. In addition to rodents (rats, gophers and marmots), vectors are wild rabbits, meat of these animals may contain bacteria of bubonic plague. Consequently, outbreaks of the disease most often in the agricultural and pastoral regions where work is connected with the butchering of the carcasses and hides, and traditions include the eating of the meat of rodents and wild animals. Although, as a rule, in hazardous areas, carry out preventive vaccination.

In Russia today regularly deratization and pest control areas (processing areas from rodents and fleas), bubonic plague is treatable with antibiotics, so to panic for no reason, although you should not relax.

Infection on the earth always was, is and will be. And if a cell is released, it immediately takes a new, more “advanced” virus. For example, in 1980, humanity finally got rid of smallpox, and soon first heard about HIV. So it is better not to get rid of old infections that we know how to treat and take care of yourself, observing sanitary measures.