It is said that bears living in the wild should not be fed. An eight-year-old did it anyway – with painful consequences.

In Romania, a bear bit an 8-year-old child’s hand. This happened when the eight-year-old tried to feed the animal from a stationary car. 

The boy was then given medical care; there was no further risk to his health, as the Mediafax news agency reported on Sunday night.  

The incident occurred on Saturday in the town of Albesti, about 150 kilometers northwest of Bucharest. The child was traveling in the car with his parents when they noticed the bear and stopped. The boy then tried to feed the animal from the car. After the child was bitten on the hand, the parents stopped a passing ambulance, whose personnel treated the injury. 

Around 5,000 brown bears live in the Romanian Carpathians. They represent one of the largest populations in Europe. It is not uncommon for them to attack hikers, kill sheep and look for food in city garbage cans. The authorities in the southeastern European country repeatedly warn against approaching or feeding bears in the wild.

A man in the USA recently survived an encounter with a bear. The hiker was attacked and seriously injured by the animal in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The man is said to have played dead during the bite attack.

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