Allow the little big Star of the “Our wonderful years”!

Maurice Fuchs (12) plays on Wednesday night in the last part of the ARD-the economic miracle-three divider in addition to Katja Riemann (56) and Anna Maria Mühe (34) is large. And in his first Film!

Also as an athlete gifted: Maurice can do the splits, because he is in the Shaolin Kung-Fu successfully photo: Tim Foltin

At the end of the students even takes the gun and pulls the trigger! The children’s star IMAGE: “A violent feeling, but it couldn’t happen, because there is no correct cartridges were in it.”

Maurice is himself a blast! IMAGE visited the students at home in Essen, where he lives with his parents. It quickly turns out: He can be a balancing act, because the multi-talented youth a world champion in Shaolin Kung-Fu.