Our cottage in Switzerland is cheaper than a shed on the ruble

Producer Joseph Prigogine in the program “the Stars aligned” on NTV channel told how waits pandemic. In addition, he revealed what he and his wife singer Valeria an estate.

“we Have a certain safety cushion, so not a disaster. I knew that had to be postponed. While in isolation a lot of money actually do not need. You just have to take care of the money.”

As noted by Prigogine, from them with Valeria has a house in Europe.

“Our cottage in Switzerland is cheaper than a shed on the ruble. Now I can not, of course, to go. Wanted not so long ago to buy a small house in Russia. The prices are just space. It’s like people are living in the Apocalypse. Ten million dollars is asked for a small house. Of course, no purchase was,” he said.

As noted by Prigogine, maintaining a home in Switzerland in the year they are with Valeria costs half a million rubles. In his opinion, for a house on the ruble would come out even more.

He also added that they have a wife and apartment in the Emirates. At the time they purchased them, because it is more profitable than to live in a hotel in this Arab country.