Kahn sees more competition with 50 1 abolition: Oliver Kahn would open the Bundesliga to investors due to lack of attractiveness and competition. In “11Freunde” the Bayern boss says: “One should continue to think about the sense of the 50 1 rule. It’s safe to assume that if the rule falls, our competition could get tougher.”

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Every rule opponent “automatically the bad guy”: Kahn: “Anyone who questions the concept or at least encourages mind games is automatically the bad guy. I didn’t come here to make new friends, but to keep FC Bayern at the very top – and for that we all need a top-class league.”

Bayern boss taunts “country clubs”: After ten years of Bayern dominance, unfortunately the international reputation and thus the marketability of the league. “We don’t want to hear from England that we in Germany are a kind of ‘Farmers League’,” says Kahn, who believes it distorts competition “when whole countries have the opportunity to become investors without regulation” – a tip against clubs ManCity, PSG or Newcastle.