A Viennese bus driver dropped off a mother and her screaming child on the street – rightly so, according to Wiener Linien.

The driver of a Vienna bus line caused a stir with a tough measure. According to a report in the “Kronen Zeitung”, on May 7th the bus driver expelled a mother and her loudly screaming child from the vehicle. The reason: He felt his concentration was so disturbed that he could no longer drive the bus safely.

As the “Kronen Zeitung” reports, the child came onto the bus with his mother screaming – and took the seat directly behind the driver. When the child wanted something that the mother denied him, the screaming increased.

The mother’s gentle reassurances and attempts at distraction could not calm the four to five year old child. Even waving and smiling at other passengers had no effect.

According to the driver’s description, he felt very distracted by the noise. He tried to talk to the mother and advised her to get out with the child to get some fresh air, but she refused.

After two or three more stops, the driver finally ordered the mother and child off the bus. This led to confusion among the other passengers and ultimately to protests. “Don’t you have any children?” shouted one of the guests in outrage, according to the “Presse”.

However, the Wiener Linien defended the driver’s actions. “The safety of passengers is the top priority for Wiener Linien,” it says in its statement to the “Presse”. In general, drivers would have the right to expel passengers from the vehicle if their behavior violates the conditions of carriage or endangers the safety of the ride.

As the spokeswoman for Wiener Linien emphasized in a press release on May 10, bus drivers are responsible for the safe transport of passengers. Therefore, in this case, the driver would have had no choice but to expel the two of them from the bus. According to the Wiener Linien, he acted correctly.

The Viennese bus driver is not the only one whose patience has recently broken when dealing with screaming children. In April, US comedian Arj Baker kicked a nursing mother and her baby out of his show.

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