(Moscow) Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny has dedicated his “contribution” to the Oscar for best documentary, won by a film dedicated to him, to those who oppose dictatorship and war.

“It’s not my film, I didn’t win the Oscar and I’m not in a position to dedicate this award to anyone,” Navalny said in a message from prison. posted Wednesday on Twitter by his team.

“However, I dedicate my entire contribution to this film to honest and courageous people around the world who, day after day, find the strength to confront the monster of dictatorship and its steadfast companion, war,” he said. added.

Imprisoned for more than two years, Mr. Navalny had been arrested on his return from Germany where he had been treated after poisoning in Siberia for which he holds the Kremlin and the Russian security services (FSB) responsible.

From his cell, he voiced his opposition to the Russian military offensive in Ukraine and called on Russians to protest.

Recently, he called on Moscow to respect the 1991 borders which include Crimea in Ukrainian territory, whereas previously he had often been accused of supporting its 2014 annexation by Russia.

The Oscar for best documentary was awarded on Sunday to the film Navalny, an investigation by Canadian Daniel Roher which describes the political rise of the Russian opponent, his poisoning and his imprisonment.

In reaction to this award, the Kremlin accused Hollywood of “politicizing” cinema.