The resistance against Ortega and his government has increased in sharpness, after he had announced a year ago, cuts to the social system. Ortega, who since 2007, has been in Power, has condemned the planned demonstrations as illegal. Maybe the conflict is heading for a new peak.

A year after the beginning of the protests against the government, the human rights organization Amnesty International, Ortega called for an end to the repression of the Opposition. “The government of Nicaragua should immediately stop their strategy of Repression and all of the students, activists, and journalists, who were only arrested because they have used their right to freedom of expression and Assembly,” said the regional Director of Amnesty International, Erika Guevara Rosas, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the protests on Thursday.

According to the inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR) arrived at the protests since the 18th century. In April of last year, at least 325 people were killed. The government estimated the death toll to 199, the opposition groups to more than 550.