Orlando bloom did an original tattoo with the name of the son, but made a mistake

English actor Orlando bloom made a tattoo on his arm with the name of the son. The drawing looks very original, representing Morse code. Accordingly the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shared on his page in Instagram.

Subscribers saw a tattoo mistake. Son Orlando bloom name Flynn, but the Morse code on the hand suggests that there is a “typo”. This combination of dots and dashes are read as “Finn” and not “Flynn”. Star dad has not commented on it.

the name of the son is not the first tattoo Orlando bloom. For example, it has the inscription, denoting the word “nine” in Elvish language Quenya. It is made in the memory of the time spent on the set of Lord of the rings. The same tattoo was done by Elijah wood, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin and others.