Today (February 2nd) the survival show “The Island” (Discovery) starts on TV. Seven Swedish celebrities, including top model Marcus Schenkenberg (54), were to spend several weeks on a deserted island in the Pacific to film the reality documentary. What initially sounds like a kind of jungle camp was obviously much harder than expected.

“Hardest weather and hardly any food, a life in extreme situations that is reminiscent of the long-gone hunter-gatherer days,” says a press release. As Marcus Schenkenberg’s management announced, he “almost paid for his participation in the show with his life”.

“In the first week my body burned the little body fat I had, in the second week my muscles and in the third week my organs began to go on strike,” says Marcus Schenkenberg. “I had to quit the TV show and was flown to a hospital. But the worst thing for me was being separated from my little son Collin for so long.”

In June 2022 it was announced that Marcus Schenkenberg had become a father. Happy news, which the model celebrated with a photo on Instagram. “Welcome to the world my beautiful little boy Collin,” he wrote. It is not yet known who the child’s mother is. Marcus Schenkenberg largely keeps his private life away from the public. His management only said in the summer: “It’s a surprise child! Marcus is very happy.”

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