“My belly was cut open. Then the Doctors dad’s kidney in my abdomen have made me pure,” says Carlo. He brings out the words with difficulty. He is out of breath, his chest lifting in a matter of seconds. The five-year-old has just played Fangis. Now he sits Shot on dad’s, on a bench on the Playground in Riehen BS. His dad is Dirk. A month ago he did his son a kidney and a new life – as a gift.

In the fall of 2014, Carlo came to the world. The first hours of his life are dramatic. The blood values play crazy, a kidney is broken, the other works poorly. He does not drink from the breast of his mother and must be fed with a special milk. With six months, he needs a stomach tube. Liquid and food is reached via a small tube in his body.

waiting list is not an Option

All of the hardships, in Spite of the Bub is developing well at the beginning. It grows, counts among its Gschpänli even to the Big. Suddenly, his blood will deteriorate values. In March of this year, is Now Carlos failed second kidney. “It was horrible. The whole family has suffered greatly under the diagnosis,” remembers Dirk. to put

Carlo on the waiting list, is out of the question. “The Doctors have explained to us the benefits of a living donation. Immediately my wife and I to test.” Dirk’s values fit. The 52-Year-old did not hesitate for one second. Decides to donate his son a kidney.

Until the day of surgery, but it takes five months. During this time, Carlos blood must be by means of a peritoneal dialysis washed. Specifically, this means Through a tube, special fluid in the abdomen is directed cave. So the metabolic wastes and excess water are collected from the blood, and the catheter is eliminated. This always happens at night: “Carlo has mostly slept in a quiet. Only sometimes he was moaning quietly.”

Carlo plagues big Fears

On the 15. August, is it finally so far: as of today, Carlo is going to have healthy bodies. The joy of the new life-size section. Nevertheless, Dirk takes care of its young. What if something goes wrong? Also Carlo is afraid of. For the past two weeks, he stutters. What initially looks like a normal development disorder, is an expression of his fear.

Carlo doesn’t want the new kidney. He doesn’t want you after the Operation. “We had to explain to him several times that he has already,” says Dirk with a laugh. He is proud of his brave son. Casual Carlo says: “I was in a deep sleep and didn’t notice anything.” The pain can go by quickly. Four weeks after surgery, he is fitter than ever.

hospital visits remain the duty

The joy of the parents is huge: “We are experiencing a whole new child.” Carlo turns out to be of happy nature to rule, the right of the whirlwind. He runs from the chute across the Playground to the Trüllibaum, climbs up on the cable net, makes Jokes and giggles. The newfound energy boost in Carlos’s stomach felt. For the first Time, he felt an appetite. His Favorite Food: Pasta.

regular hospital visits, but will remain a life sentence mandatory. And in about 20 years, the procedure is repeated – a new kidney must be restored. “I feel as if I could have one more kidney donations,” says Dirk with a smile.

That he is not, he knows himself. He hopes for medical advances enable longer life of donated kidneys. Nevertheless, A new donor is already. Everything as planned, works out Carlos big sister will give him a third life.