Employees in this country can only dream of it: Simply cushion inflation with an automatic salary increase. This is exactly the case for EU employees. At least 8.5 percent more wages await them.

The inflation is also noticeable in the salary: Because of the rising prices, the salary is worth less – the wages are falling in relation to the expenses. According to the Federal Statistical Office, by 1.8 percent between January and March 2022. But inflation is likely to have an even greater impact on payslips as the year progresses.

Not so, however, for employees of the European Union. Because since 2013 there has been an annual, automatic “update” of the salaries for EU officials, in which the wage development is adjusted to inflation. So there are no salary losses for employees and members of parliament – despite inflation.

At the end of the year there should be a strong salary increase of at least 8.5 percent for EU employees. This is reported by “Bild”. Because the inflation rate in Belgium and Luxembourg is used as the basis for assessment. These are currently 9.4 percent and 8.5 percent. The final amount of the salary increase is still being debated.