The Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) unveils this Monday a new platform whose objective is to inform the population about the aging process of the brain and how to act with kindness with the elderly.

This web portal called “Au fil du temps” contains video capsules and podcasts hosted by the president of the OPQ, Christine Grou.

Through this initiative, the order wishes to counter the psychological abuse of seniors. It is explained that several insidious behaviors can develop when one misunderstands the functioning of the brain of the elderly.

Five themes are addressed in the content posted online: the aging of the brain; neurocognitive disorders; how to help; leave home; and take care of yourself.

In the statement released Monday morning, Ms. Grou points out that aging is a must, but that very few people know how this process will transform them and affect those around them.

The platform is also intended for caregivers to better equip them in their support process.

The order has received support from the Ministry of Health and Social Services to develop this platform, the content of which should be improved over the next five years.

The platform is accessible at You can also find podcasts on most platforms dedicated to this medium.